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This thirty-fifth episode, a short breadcrumb, is being released early to announce the fact that Philosophy Bakes Bread has reached the exciting early milestone of 10,000 episode downloads! We also wanted to put this out early, given that we’re setting a deadline to enter our celebration give-away: October 1st, 2017! Listen to this breadcrumb or read the transcript here below for more information about how to enter!


Photo of a sticker featuring the Philosophy Bakes Bread logo. This post was first put up in late July, when we had hit 10k downloads. We wanted to announce that fact and to let people know early about ways to win some PBB swag (t-shirt, coffee mug, mouse pad, etc). Since then, we’ve added a new incentive – for every entrant – and we’ve had a lot more downloads since… Here’s the update, as of August 30th:

  1. In addition to those who win swag, everyone who enters will receive a 4″ round sticker featuring the Philosophy Bakes Bread logo. You know you want one… 🙂
  2. After only a month after we first posted this (then, late July, now late August), we’ve gone from 10k downloads to 15,834 downloads…! And from 84 countries. We’re pretty excited. Listenership is growing exponentially. In June, we had 2,600 downloads… July: 3,700, & now in August, nearly over: 4,500 so far. This is really exciting to watch. We are SO grateful!! Thank you all!!


Photo of sparklers and fireworks as a symbol of celebration!

Reach out to us on Facebook @PhilosophyBakesBread and on Twitter @PhilosophyBB; email us at philosophybakesbread@gmail.com; or call and record a voicemail that we play on the show, at 859.257.1849. Philosophy Bakes Bread is a production of the Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA). Check us out online at PhilosophyBakesBread.com and check out SOPHIA at PhilosophersInAmerica.com.


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Transcript with Info on How to Enter the Giveaway

Transcribed by Dr. Eric Thomas Weber on July 24, 2017.


[Musical introduction]

Weber: Welcome everyone to a special, short edition of Philosophy Bakes Bread, which we call a “breadcrumb.”

[Crumbling sounds]

Cashio: <Crumble, crumble>… Philosophy Bakes Bread is a production of the Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA). In our breadcrumb episodes we’re going to include either little snippets from past episodes that cut off of the loaf of previous episodes or something interesting and special, like in this episode.

Weber: That’s right. We may include more responses to your feedback that we received on Twitter @PhilosophyBB, Facebook @PhilosophyBakesBread, or by email at PhilosophyBakesBread@gmail.com.

Cashio: Hey Eric we did it! We’ve reached 10,000 downloads of our podcast!

[Party horn sound]

Weber and Cashio: WOOHOO!!

Cashio: Yeehaw!!

Weber: Yeah! That’s pretty awesome.  The exact number is 10,215  and that comes from over 71 countries!

Cashio: 71 countries?! Did we hit all the ABC’s of countries?

Weber: We did! We got … Afghanistan, Bulgaria, and Croatia…

Cashio: You weren’t joking!


Weber: I’m not kidding. Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, and Peru…  I won’t name them all. That’s crazy. It’s so cool. 

Cashio: That’s amazing. Well, thank you everyone for listening and for making this project so worthwhile and fruitful! You know what we should do, Eric?

Weber: Seriously. What’s that?

Cashio: We should celebrate

Weber: We should.

Cashio: Let’s give things away. People like things, right?

Weber: People do like things. I like things. Do you like things?

Cashio: I do. I mean, within reason.


Weber:  Alright, well, in celebration of hitting 10,000 downloads of the PBB podcast, we want to thank our listeners for supporting us and the show!

Cashio: Are you suggesting a giveaway competition?!

Weber: I am…

Cashio: Ohhhh…

Weber: You bet, In our giveaway competition, winners can choose from some Philosophy Bakes Bread swag: for example, you can have either a t-shirt, a mousepad, a hat, or a coffee mug.

Cashio: Guys, we have tons of options so if you are one of the lucky few, who can win this competition, we’ll let you pick what you want with some sweet PBB logo on it. I have a Philosophy Bakes Bread travel mug. … Of course, nothing in life is free! Sadly, sadly… 

Weber: Nope, nope…

Cashio:  So, we want to hear from you, and so we’re going to give you not one, but two ways to win. Because we are magnanimous and we are…

Weber: Indeed. That’s right. 1) We want some iTunes reviews, preferably 5 stars, of course! We’ll pick one iTunes review at random from our listeners’ feedback, and we’ll also pick our favorite review to win some swag. To enter the competition, post the review online, and email us a screenshot or cellphone picture of the review on iTunes, sending that to philosophybakesbread@gmail.com

Cashio: I won’t lie, Eric. Saying “swag” is one of my favorite things to say. Fun word to say.

Weber: It’s a good word.

Cashio: Another way you can win, mainly because not everyone uses iTunes, is to send us your answer to the You Tell Me! question from your favorite episode of the show. We’ve had,  what are we up to now, Eric, 27, 28 episodes out of the podcast at the time of this recording?

Weber: 28 episodes right this minute. That’s right.

Cashio: That’s a lot of work.

Weber: It is.

Cashio: Alright. Well, we want you to email us the episode, the question, and your answer. You can again reach us by email at philosophybakesbread@gmail.com. And for this one, you can also respond to the You Tell Me question by calling us as always at 859.257.1849.

Weber: That’s right. Our two favorite responses will win the show swag of your choice, and to find those episodes, to listen to them again and to find the questions, head to PhilosophyBakesBread.com. So if you’re wondering, you’ve got that right — there will be four prizes: two for iTunes reviews and two for answers to our questions from your favorite Philosophy Bakes Bread episodes. Now, if you’re like me, you need a deadline in order to get anything done. And so, we’re going to ask that you submit your iTunes reviews or your answers to the You Tell Me! questions by October 1st of 2017

Cashio: Guys, we did it! I’m so happy, Eric!

Weber: I’m pretty stoked. It took six months. Six months and we got to 10,000 downloads. And we’ve not yet done any interviews about the show. We’ve just been posting to social media.

Cashio: We look forward to hearing from you and thank you all for listening to Philosophy Bakes Bread! We really appreciate everyone.

Weber: Thanks everybody!

Cashio: Keep on listening! Keep on baking that bread!


[Party horn sound]

Cashio: WOOHOO!!


Cashio: I hope everyone enjoyed this little breadcrumb! 

Weber: Remember that you can call us and leave a short recorded message with a question or a comment that we may be able to play on the show at 859.257.1849. You can also reach us on Twitter, Facebook, or by email. For any of that information again, visit PhilosophyBakesBread.com.

Cashio: This has been Dr. Anthony Cashio and Dr. Eric Weber with Philosophy Bakes Bread, food for thought about life and leadership.

[Musical outro]

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