046: Ep42 – BC9 – Overcoming Redneck State Stigma

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Dr. Larry A. HickmanThis forty-second episode of the Philosophy Bakes Bread radio show and podcast is a second “breadcrumb” episode with Dr. Larry A. Hickman, who was our featured guest in Episode 40. In that episode, Larry spoke about democracy and education in the United States today. While he was with us, we asked him to comment on a question that we received from a listener earlier this year. Larry, Anthony, and Eric each live or have lived in states that are sometimes prejudged and stigmatized for characteristics you might call “redneck,” being significantly rural and agricultural. Jason Fultz had called a few weeks before and asked us to comment on what one can do to overcome stigma for your state. So, we played his question and asked Larry what he thought. Then, we all thought about it and a few answers emerged that may prove helpful for “Overcoming Redneck State Stigma.”

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Cover of Eric Thomas Weber's book, Uniting Mississippi.We especially want to thank Jason for calling in and leaving us a great voicemail and question. Of course, we’re grateful to Larry also, who is the former Director of the Center for Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois University and who is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy there. It is worth noting also in particular that Larry brought up progress that the state of Mississippi has made especially given the leadership and example that the University of Mississippi, affectionately called Ole Miss, has offered for the state. He also kindly mentioned Eric’s book on leadership and higher education in Mississippi, Uniting Mississippi: Democracy and Leadership in the South.

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Photo of a news article in which the headline about a literacy program in Mississippi misspells the state's name as "Missippi."Notes

  1. Episode 40 of Philosophy Bakes Bread, with Dr. Larry A. Hickman. Go listen to it too!
  2. Press Gigem and Bob Taylor, The Best 606 Aggie Jokes (Gigem Press, 1976).
  3. A Wikipedia entry on the adage, “Thank God for Mississippi.”
  4. Larry mentions: Eric Thomas Weber, Uniting Mississippi: Democracy and Leadership in the South (Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2015).

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