Exciting Line-up for Philosophy Bakes Bread

Just a quick announcement: Philosophy Bakes Bread, food for thought about life and leadership, will go on the air Monday, January 9th at 2pm Eastern. We’re very excited to have a great line-up coming together for the spring semester. Check out our new Web page here on the SOPHIA site for the show.

Dr. Martha Nussbaum. Photo by Robin Holland (website).

In addition to great SOPHIA folks, like John Lachs, Anthony Cashio, Bertha Manninen, and more, we’re excited to announce also that 2016 Kyoto Prize winner Dr. Martha Nussbaum will be joining us for an episode in early May. This is just the beginning, folks, but it feels like quite a good start for our little show. Thanks, everyone, for your interest. Visit SOPHIA’s Philosophy Bakes Bread page for more information and do send us your thoughts, comments, and questions!