Inviting International Philosophical Dialogue with Iran

An image from the poster at St. Olaf College about World Philosophy Day in 2017. On November 16th of 2017, many around the world celebrated World Philosophy Day, a UNESCO initiative. For years, Javad Hieran-Nia and colleagues at the Mehr News Agency in Tehran, who publish The Tehran Times, have interviewed philosophers from around the world. SOPHIA’s Executive Director Eric Weber has given quite a few interviews, including some that ended up on the front pageThe Tehran Times is Iran’s major English language newspaper.

Mr. Hieran-Nia prepared remarks that were delivered digitally via a video message partly presented to faculty and students at St. Olaf College, but also with a more general audience. In addition to having rich thoughts to offer about peace and international intellectual engagement, Hieran-Nia also shares the message that The Tehran Times has committed to expanding its space for intellectual dialogue with philosophers from around the world with readers online and in Iran via the newspaper. Hieran-Nia and the chief editor of The Tehran Times, Mohammad Ghaderi, both have called for more open and engaged dialogue with philosophers from all around the world and their newspaper.

If you are interested in writing Mr. Hieran-Nia and Mr. Ghaderi, reach out to SOPHIA’s Executive Director, Eric Weber, and let us know. Here is the video of Mr. Hieran-Nia’s remarks, along with Chief Editor’s Ghaderi’s invitation to engage in international philosophical dialogue via the forum of The Tehran Times (transcript of Mr. Hieran-Nia’s remarks here):

If you’re interested in learning more, read The Tehran Times‘s piece on their interaction with St. Olaf College and their World Philosophy Day celebration here.



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