Introducing Two New Members

Photo of the SOPHIA logo, over the word "Introducing," followed by a photo of Jim Lyttle and one of Casey Dorman.

In pursuit of SOPHIA’s mission, of building communities of philosophical conversation locally, nationally, internationally, and online, we are continuing our process of creating introduction videos. Two new members joined SOPHIA in the last month or so, and each was kind enough to be willing to create an introduction video. These two fellows are Jim Lyttle and Casey Dorman and the following is a short introduction video of each one. Get to know our new members and welcome them to the group!

Hello, Jim Lyttle!

Jim is on Twitter here, @JimLyttle.

And hello Casey Dorman!

Casey is also on Twitter, here, @ReviewLost.

Welcome, both of you, to SOPHIA! A number of members, officers, and trustees have yet to make introduction videos. The holiday season can be a great time to get that done. Reach out to Executive Director Eric Weber to plan when we’ll make yours!

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